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Invisalign Edina MN is an orthodontic treatment program using clear trays that was approved by the FDA in 1998. It is yet another example of a health industry solution resulting from the growth of digital technology. As an option or alternative to orthodontic braces, the objective of the Invisalign program is to straighten your teeth. We will take a brief look at why you might need orthodontic correction, the options available, and the pros and cons of choosing Invisalign.

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The Types of Braces Available

Before the introduction of Invisalign there were three options to straighten your teeth. The first was the traditional method. This option uses stainless steel bands, brackets, and arch wires affixed to your teeth to apply pressure to move them. The second method, called lingual braces, was moving those brackets and bands to the inside of your teeth. The option is tougher on your tongue, but they are not as visible as the metal appliances on the outside of the teeth. The third option also focuses on appearance and visibility. The bands, brackets and even the arch wire are all made of ceramic the color of your teeth making them difficult to see. Finally, the new fourth option, Invisalign.

Why you need Braces or Invisalign

The entire staff at Pan Orthodontics at 5101 Vernon Ave. in Edina, MN, specializes in orthodontics. If you are not happy with your teeth and your smile call the Edina office at 952-926-3747 to schedule your evaluation. The single biggest improvement to come out of wearing braces, or Invisalign, is that of your smile. It is tough to put a value on a healthy smile with straight teeth. Your smile is the foundation for your personality, your self-esteem, and your self-confidence. This is evident in personal circles, social encounters, and professional settings. Straight teeth with proper gaps can lead to other oral hygiene benefits. It has been proven that you could prevent gum disease, cavities, tooth decay, improve your bite pattern, your ability to chew properly and even improve some speech patterns. Straight teeth can also improve the proportions of your face.

How Invisalign Works

The process begins with an examination and consultation. Dr. Pan will discuss with you your expectations and obtainable goals. Then the digital technology comes into play. It begins with a 3D simulation of your tooth movements. This is fun as you can see literally watch the transformation of your teeth and smile on a computer monitor. A digital tooth scan is then created with the assistance of a CAD-CAM, or computer aided design and computer aided manufacturing. This program allows a disciplined start to finish process. The software creates a series of models identifying stages that your teeth will progress through. These stages are captured in models and a photo-sensitive liquid resin creates hard plastic trays for that stage. Once finished the CAD-CAM will create anywhere between six and forty-eight aligners, depending on the extent of movement desired. Each aligner moves the teeth around .25 millimeters. X-rays will capture and monitor movement below the gum line.

The process is quite simple. You will wear a tray for two weeks to accomplish the planned movement. It is necessary to wear the trays for at least 20 to 22 hours a day for that given period and then the next tray will be introduced. Just like conventional braces, the trays will apply pressure and force to slowly move the teeth to their desired location. The process, depending on the extent of desired movement, could be finished in six months or it may take over 15 months. The average time for the process is about 13 months. This is across over six million patients, including one million teenagers.

The Pros and Cons of Invisalign

The list of benefits far outweighs the list of negatives. Many teenagers and young adults balk at the idea of wearing conventional braces. Yet correcting your teeth will have a huge impact on your smile and your overall life.

The Invisalign trays are clear so you do not have to alter your smile around friends and family. Even though you need to wear them 20-22 hours a day, you can remove them at any time. This is a huge difference from conventional braces. Let’s say you have special date or are giving a presentation. Take the trays out for an hour or two. How about a job interview? A quick game of basketball or wedding photos? Invisalign gives you the option of pulling those trays out for bit.

With conventional braces you will have diet change suggestions. Soft foods for example. With Invisalign, take out the trays and bite into that apple if you wish. Wire or ceramic braces with their brackets and arch wires can create discomfort and irritation to your cheeks, tongue, and soft tissues. Invisalign does not have that discomfort side effect. Even though the premise for each tray is to apply pressure and force to move teeth, the trays are trimmed perfectly at your gum line for maximum comfort and appearance.

Invisalign can literally correct a wide range of teeth straightening issues. This includes crossbites, the crowding of your teeth, open bites, gaps between certain teeth, overbites and underbites.

The list of cons, or negatives, of Invisalign is quite short. The first is your own ability to monitor the amount of time the trays are in your mouth performing their function. The second small negative is sometimes small attachments may have to be applied to certain teeth. These tooth-colored shapes allow the tray to apply force to them to move that individual tooth. Your lifestyle, your goals, will be part of your initial consultation at Pan Orthodontics at 5101 Vernon Ave. in Edina, MN. Give the staff a call today at 952-926-3747 for your evaluation. At your evaluation we will also contact your insurance provider to determine the extent of your coverage. The entire staff understands that your smile is unique to you as your fingerprints. Dr. Pan will help you determine if Invisalign will meet your goals in improving your smile and contributing to a healthier life.

Your Oral Hygiene during the Invisalign Edina MN Process

Well, with the ability to remove the trays, your oral hygiene habits can remain normal. No brackets and wires to navigate around. If your at-home oral hygiene habits have been suspect prior to introducing Invisalign Edina MN Dr. Pan will strongly reinforce the suggested industry standards.

The health industry suggests you brush your teeth twice a day for two minutes each time. They also suggest you floss at least once a day. These simple tasks preventatively help you stay ahead of damaging plaque that forms daily on your teeth.

One of the most important benefit for the Invisalign process and the ability to remove the trays is the fact that you can focus on continuing these good oral hygiene functions to keep your teeth and gums healthy.