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Propel Orthodontic Accelerated Process Option

The practice of dentistry is rather complex. There are nine areas of specific focus. Several of the more popular are pediatric dentistry which is working with children, periodontics which just focuses on just your gums and supporting tissues and then orthodontic dentistry, which is the branch that corrects your teeth and jaws if positioning is improper. Teeth can come in crooked, incorrect spacing resulting in either crowding or gaps, overbites, underbites and misalignment that result in bite pattern complications. So an orthodontist has several options to move your teeth. The most common are the different versions of the traditional braces and then the Invisalign system. Now Dr. Pan can introduce the Propel orthodontic process to either of these methods and take close to 50% off from the expected time that the process will take. Let’s take a quick review of the process options and how teeth are moved and then introduce the Propel Orthodontics process into the mix.

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Different Orthodontic Options

Everyone is familiar with traditional braces, or now called a fixed appliance. Braces of this nature have been in use since the early 1900s. You have brackets cemented to your teeth then a stainless steel arch wire hooks all the teeth together. Dr. Pan can manually tighten up this arch wire and the teeth are slowly moved through force and pressure. Another option is to take the brackets and the arch wire to the backside of the teeth so they are not visible. This option is called the lingual method. You can now also have brackets and even the arch wire made out of tooth colored ceramic.

The standing objection to braces is their unsightly appearance. Wearing braces might have you changing your smile because you are conscious of the braces and how they look on your teeth. Another option introduced in the last 20 years is the Invisalign system. A 3D model is originally made of your teeth and then a CAD/CAM system makes a series of clear plastic trays that change so very slightly to apply that same force and pressure necessary to move your teeth .25 millimeter at a time. The computer aided system designs these trays to be changed every one to two weeks with you wearing them 20 to 22 hours a day. The benefits are you can barely see them and you can
take them out to clean your teeth. Over six million patients, including one million teenagers, have now successfully used the Invisalign system.

Introduce the Propel Orthodontic Process into your Procedure

Orthodontic treatment, either with the fixed version of the appliance, or the removable variety, will take six to 24 months to realign your teeth. The national average is about 13 months. If you had the chance to shorten that dramatically would you consider the possibility? Talk to Dr. Pan about considering the Propel device with your treatment plan. Propel has been proven to take 50% off your treatment plan. That’s right, 50% faster!

How Propel Works

The Propel system introduces and creates alveolar perforations in your tissue and your jaws to make the orthodontic movements more efficient. By creating these micro perforations it stimulates bone production and accelerates the process. Your teeth will move faster and your tissues will heal faster. It has been proven to make the process faster where bone growth is still active which is the case in teenagers and young adults. Which is also the dominate age for orthodontic treatment.

Simple steps of the Propel Process

After an evaluation and consultation with Dr. Pan x-rays are taken to determine the size of the gaps that exist between your teeth. These will be the areas of focus for the micro perforations. The x-ray findings will be physically confirmed next.

The gap areas that are available for the addition of the Propel system will then receive local anesthetic. This way you will experience no discomfort through the actual application. Each tooth that is going to be moved will have one to three holes made on each side of that tooth. These tiny holes are made through the gum and into the underlying bone. AND, that is it. These tiny holes allow the teeth to shift faster, quicker and stimulate bone development. Another win-win advancement in the dental industry.

The Benefits of the Propel Orthodontic Process

The published benefits are worth mentioning again. Your teeth move and shift faster cutting your orthodontic treatment time in half. It is also beneficial for the development of the alveolar bone as it stimulates growth. The cost difference is difficult to document. It will depend on each and every patient and the severity of the proposed orthodontic treatment. Then realizing that treatment time will be cut in half and the costs will reflect that reduction in services. You need no time off when receiving the Propel treatment, you can return to your normal daily routine immediately afterwards. The Propel method can enhance both fixed traditional methods as well as the Invisalign system. Best of all, it is clinically proven to be safe in producing these results. Yet another innovative technology advancement in addressing the improvements available in the care of your teeth and gums. We all love options and choices. Make sure you sit with Dr. Pan through a consultation and ask as many questions as you can when considering your lifestyle in the months to come.

It’s about Your Smile

Your smile is an attribute that is simple taken for granted. Once you decide to make orthodontic treatment improvements you will be amazed at the impact that improved smile will have on your life. Whether it be daily interaction with friends and family in your personal circles or your professional exchanges through your work, your smile will change your self-esteem and your self-confidence. Once you are through the accelerated Propel process you will want to exercise good oral hygiene practices to maintain that investment. Brushing twice a day and flossing at least once is the industry norm. Enjoy that new smile, enhanced with Propel, and smile away!

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