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SureSmile Orthodontic Technology

The SureSmile orthodontic process is a proven method dramatically enhanced and improved with the use of cutting edge technology. Traditional braces have now met a challenging competitor with the Invisalign orthodontic process. As tremendous as this solution is it still is not the correct or appropriate avenue for all patients. Match the traditional method with digital precision to improve both the process and the results and you now have the introduction of SureSmile as a revolutionary option. We’ll take a moment and review the methods of traditional braces, the comparative benefits of the Invisalign system and then get into the SureSmile process and what makes it now possibly the best alternative.

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Tried and Proven Traditional Braces

Traditional braces have been around for many years. Yes, there has been upgrades and improvements. You can place the brackets and the arch wire on the backside of the teeth, towards the tongue, so you can’t see the braces. There are now tooth colored ceramic options for those that are self-conscious about wearing the braces.

With traditional braces, you first went through an evaluation process to determine the necessity and the outcome. Once you have agreed with your orthodontist x-rays are taken to confirm the current position of the teeth as well as an impression captured and as stone model made of your teeth.

The next step is to thoroughly clean your teeth. Then the brackets are placed on your teeth with an adhesive compound. When the brackets are secure the arch wire will be installed into the brackets with an elastic band. This completes the first visit, which usually takes around two hours.

The principle behind orthodontic braces is that force and pressure is used to move your teeth. About every four to six weeks, you will need to return for a dental visit to readjust the arch wire to reapply pressure to keep the teeth moving. This part is important because here is where SureSmile makes its entry into improving the process. More on that later.

The Introduction of Invisalign

If SureSmile is the new kid on the block, then right before SureSmile came Invisalign. Invisalign takes technology to the next level. With a digital scan of your teeth and gums that scan next goes into a CAD/CAM system. This computer aided design-computer aided manufacture literally starts with a 3-D model of your teeth and then a computer generated 3-D model of the goal, or the objective after completing the process. The CAD/CAM system creates clear plastic trays that are designed to apply force, through their design, to the teeth that need to be
moved to correct the alignment. These trays need to be worn every day for 20 to 22 hours to be successful. Then every one to two weeks a new tray is introduced to continue the pressure application.

Even though over six million patients have now successfully used the Invisalign system, it still is not for everyone. Which again is why the door is open for the new SureSmile alternative. Quite honestly, if you are not disciplined enough to wear those trays you will be unsuccessful, or the process will take considerably longer. Some patients know themselves well enough and agree that they’ll forget or chose to not wear them in certain settings and not get the necessary hours in. The popularity of Invisalign is based on the fact that they are not obvious in your mouth when you smile and you can remove them to brush and floss your teeth properly. The trays though can affect some speech patterns negatively opening the door again for the SureSmile option.

The SureSmile Process

SureSmile actually dates back to its introduction in 1998 when it was invented by through the merger of a German medical technology company and a US based company and then approved by the FDA in 2000. To walk you through the process, Dr. Pan will first have your teeth professionally cleaned. The next step is the capturing of 3D scans of your teeth with a device called iTero intraoral scanner or Cone Beam Computed Tomography. This advanced technology allows Dr. Pan to see each and every tooth from any angle and then also the total interaction of the teeth as a whole, including the bite patterns. Dr. Pan can then determine the final position of each and every tooth with virtual simulation tools and then the most effective plan to treat your specific needs and challenges.

So, Step One was about advanced technology. Step Two is also about advanced technology. The digitized treatment plan is sent to a robot. This robot is used to shape a memory arch wire according to that specific plan. This arch wire is made from nickel titanium with a copper core. The robot is able to heat this arch wire to more than a 1000 degrees during the customization process. The arch wire maintains your prescription in that wire and then the wire is activated with your own body temperature. The positioning of the brackets, thanks to the 3D scans, and the absolute precision of the arch wire makes the accuracy of the SureSmile system unparalleled.

When the brackets and arch wire are mounted on the back side of your teeth this process is called lingual braces. You can also do this method with SureSmile, called SureSmile QT. The same robotic technology is used to deliver the same accurate and efficient results. This method is often used for those that aesthetically don’t want to see the braces every time they smile. Dr. Pan can get creative. An example would be using Invisalign on the upper teeth and braces on the bottom teeth.

The Comparisons between Traditional Braces and SureSmile

The first difference is the dismissal of the stone or plaster model with the 3D computer generated model. The traditional braces had Dr. Pan bending the arch wires by hand versus the precision of the robot. The stainless-steel wire of the traditional version is replaced by the memory arch wire. The teeth move at the same speed regardless of the process, but the SureSmile maximizes efficiencies in getting from point A to point B for all the teeth involved.

Benefits of using SureSmile Orthodontics

With a number of research studies now completed it has been proven that the SureSmile process delivers the final results of goal driven alignment 29% to 33% faster. This is a big improvement to any patient that has made the commitment to wear braces for a period of 12-24 months.

With the advancement of the memory arch wire you also have less visits to the offices of Dr. Pan. The arch wire can do more through the advanced design of the wire. The technology, and the wire, allow automatic continuous readjustments over the course of the treatment. Fewer visits is a win-win for all parties involved.

The efficiency and the accuracy have now been proven time and time again. A better, more accurate finished product with less time to get there. Dr. Pan is still in control throughout the entire process. In fact, it can be argued that he actually has more control thanks to the digital technology and the elimination of potential errors. It is also a point of contention that you may experience less pain or discomfort. With the memory arch wire delivering constant pressure and force you don’t go through the constant manual adjustments that enhance the discomfort at that time.

The cost of the SureSmile treatment is not necessarily more than traditional braces. It is hard to determine since each and every patient and their alignment goals are different as well as the level complexity to complete the task.

Proper Care of you SureSmile Braces

You will want to treat your SureSmile braces as you would traditional braces. You must brush frequently, even more than twice a day to remove food particles that simply want to get wedged around the brackets and the arch wire. Flossing is more difficult to get between the teeth due to the arch wire so it will be suggested that you consider a water pick. This will allow you to be efficient in your own way in keeping both your teeth, your gums, and your SureSmile braces clean of any unwanted food debris.

The effort you are about to encounter is a good example of teamwork. Dr. Pan and the advanced technology of SureSmile can put you on the path to improving your smile. A smile that is difficult to put a value on. A smile that is the foundation of your self-esteem and your self-confidence, whether it be in your personal circles or a professional setting. The period of time you wear your SureSmile braces is a snapshot of your entire life. Be a good team player and do your very best in maintaining good oral hygiene. In the blink of an eye the process will be
finished and your smile will be a major attribute. Then, keep that good care moving forward to protect your investment.

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