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Laser Dentistry for Enhanced Orthodontic Results

The beauty and benefits of laser dentistry can be likened to painting a wall. You can use a roller and cover a lot of wall space but you’re not finished until you complete all of the edge work and the trimming for a nice thorough finished product. Laser dentistry can be like that painted wall. The soft tissue and the gums frame the teeth and often times they need some trimming. We’ll identify how laser dentistry is used in orthodontics, sometimes before an orthodontic treatment and sometimes when the orthodontic treatment is finished. We’ll walk through the simple process of having laser dentistry and the benefits to you the patient in regard to the reasons behind having the laser treatment.

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Laser Use In Orthodontics

An evaluation with Dr. Pan has resulted in the fact that you or your youngster needs to wear braces. Even though the brackets can now go on either side of the tooth, front or back, on an occasion the tooth may not be big enough for proper bracket placement. Another possibility is if the tooth is slow in erupting but yet needs a bracket placed on it to be moved or realigned. A laser treatment at this time can remove some of the unnecessary gum to expose more of the tooth to accommodate the bracket.

Since the gum basically serves as a frame for your teeth it may be advantageous to sculpt the gums around your teeth at the end of the orthodontic treatment. At the end of the day it improves the overall appearance of your smile.

If not done before the orthodontic treatment the laser treatment may also be done when your teeth are straightened, aligned and looking terrific with your smile. Laser dentistry at that time might be the proverbial icing on the cake to complete and reward yourself for your hard work in dealing with the orthodontic process.

The Laser Dental Process

Laser dentistry is a precise and effective procedure and has been use in dentistry since 1994. Dr. Pan is trained on the Diode Laser to maximize its benefit to you, the patient. It takes nothing more than some local anesthetic on your gum and the precision delivery of energy in the form of light acting as a cutting instrument in removing soft tissue.

The process of reshaping the gum tissue to expose a healthier tooth is called gingivectomy. Again, this may happen before or after the orthodontic process to make that tooth look better. It can be done to help address a gummy smile, to help eruption of an impacted tooth or to improve the health of puffy gums.

The Diode laser used by Dr. Pan minimizes any damage to surrounding tissue, kills bacteria and activates re-growth of tissue after sealing blood vessels and any nerve endings.

The Benefits of Laser Dentistry

If you suffer from dental anxiety like so many of your fellow Americans then laser dentistry is a strong consideration for you. Not every dentist is trained to incorporate laser treatment into their practice and treatments. Fortunately, Dr. Pan is one of the few that has been. When used properly the laser treatment is safe and painless and can expedite the procedure that you are undertaking.

A benefit of record is that the process is very quick and painless. Another benefit is that it requires no stitches when removing the gum soft tissue to either prepare for the orthodontic treatment or the closure of the treatment and the perfect framing of your teeth. Laser dentistry actually minimizes the bleeding of the soft tissue because the high energy light beam aids in the clotting of exposed blood vessels. The laser dentistry approach can also minimize bacterial infections because the laser’s high energy light beam sterilizes the area. Any tissue damage adjacent to the actual site is also minimized because of the precision of the laser. The tissue that has been subjected to the laser will also heal faster. The majority of all patients experience no postoperative pain following laser dentistry.

Invest in Your Smile

Orthodontic treatment can take between six and 18 months to slowly, through force and pressure, move your teeth to their ultimate goal. Whether you use traditional braces, lingual braces mounted on the back side of the teeth, ceramic, tooth colored braces, or the new Invisalign treatment process, consult with Dr. Pan to see if you can improve your smile with any laser dentistry gingival sculpting. Your smile is an invaluable asset that is so often taken for granted. A smile that you are proud of will have a dramatic impact on your self-esteem and your self- confidence. These improvements will change your interactions in your personal circles and do the same thing in your professional environments.

Proper Oral Hygiene

Any soft tissue that has been affected by laser treatment will heal very quickly. You will want to continue to brush two to three times a day. If you still have braces on you’ll want to brush after every meal. Depending on the extent of gum removed it may take from three days to two weeks for the gums to heal 100%. Smile big!

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